Why is Attores currently using Testnet?

In order to build the most robust system possible, we need to frequently test the signing and submission of transactions to the blockchain. On the main-net, there is a fee required to do each of these transactions. Since we are also currently allowing the signing to be done for free, it's possible for someone to 'spam' us with a ton of signings. This would be really bad!

By using the testnet, the fees for our submissions are essentially free. The testnet provides the exact same infrastructure as the main-net. However, the testnet could have a 'chain reset'. This means that the blockchain will start again from 0 transactions. But not to worry, the old blockchain is still stored, so your transaction proofs are still valid- however, verifying the audit trail will not be directly available, it will require pulling out the old blockchain.

This is why the tokens on the testnet have no value- since we aren't using it for transferring value, our users aren't affected.

If you wish to have your transactions moved to the 'mainnet' where they will be stored forever, contact us.

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